Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday

Crazy stuff to be back in the Wardrobe Wednesday group, It really has been too long. 
This dress is a new favorite of mine, based on the fact that the print is just so darn cute.

I also love the neckline. 
It reminds me a little of the 40's,
feminine and pleated.

The one problem I have is the length- and the slightly uneven hem - but that's what you get when you purchase something from glassons. Yes. Total glassons hater here. And yet I am wearing one of their dresses. The even more annoying thing is that I can't fix the hem without making the dress shorter, and it's all ready at 'just-about-above-your-butcheeks' length. 

See what I mean?! 
Dress: Glassons
Cardi: Op-shopped
Necklace- Gift

P.S - The only problem with taking outfit pictures is that I am not the one behind the camera, The above picture would have been perfect- had my face been in focus! 


  1. You look great. I buy stuff from glassons too sometimes but I always feel it's so wrong.... LOVE the new header too!

  2. It's a sweet frock!Quite grunge!
    It's pretty easy to find Glassons stuff secondhand;I have the odd cardigan and have probably had a frock or two of theirs that way!A petticoat would give you a few more inches, or sew a lace trim to the hem??X

  3. i love your hair. and your header. and your shorty short dress. and I love that your cat is more in focus than you. pure love.

  4. your cat is the star, obviously :)
    Yea I have a love-hate relationship with glassons also. Some pink skinny jeans to match (and hide butt) maybe?

  5. I think the pic with your cat is adorable! Such genuine joy. Stopping by from WIWW.

  6. Very cute, and agreed that the print is great! I like the picture with your cat:)

    Pink Chai Style

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  8. Welcome back indeed. I feel bad I've not had time to visit till now. That dress is cute - I wish I had the pins to wear that length...have you thought about doing a deep band of plain co-ordinating fabric around the bottom? Cardi is a total find. I have cardi envy.

    That last picture is adorable, even though puss has centre stage - perhaps even because of that.